I’m Roman and I do the travelling, antiquing, writing and photography around here. In the travel department, to date I’ve been to 99 countries and am planning to visit all others. I try to keep off the beaten track and always aim for the authentic travel experience.

At heart, I am a culture buff. I like to explore, photograph and write about new cultures through the things they create. Art, architecture, music and food are obvious giveaways. I am particularly passionate about art – ranging from old masters to contemporary to applied art.

I am also an avowed Venetophile and my dream is to live in Venice one day. In the meantime, I have recreated a mid-century home in Durban, South Africa, with retro pieces from around the globe. It’s my way of remembering where I’ve been and what I’ve seen.

My blog, Roman Holiday, is a play upon words: my name, my passion for travel, the era, and the 1953 Hollywood movie where international travel, as we know it today, was a bona fide character and where the Eternal City, quite incredibly, was still a place off the beaten track for mass tourism.

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